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Blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta Portrait

I was fortunate to be contacted to paint a portrait of a blessed Maria Assunta Pallotta, 1878-1905, Italy&China.

After researching all available materials and documents it was impossible not to fall in love with this young saint.

What distinguished her from others was her joyful disposition to the demands of everyday life.

She always accepted the request for a service  with a lovely smile, nothing changed her good humour.

This angelic disposition, the gentleness of her character, caused her to be sent to work in the infirmary

where she died at the age of 26 during her mission to China tending to the sick during the serious epidemic of typhus.

I had only a few old photos of Blessed Maria to work with, and after many unsuccessful attempts

it was the divine intervention that helped me to complete this commission. As usual in the cases such as this,

I was reluctant to sign my full name and put just an initial ”J.”

"Blessed Maria Assunta, intercede for us, so we can be our best: be loving and patient like you are in everything we do."

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